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Kisan Card Apply Process:- Uttar Pradesh government is going to launch a new card for farmers recently and this card is going to be available to farmers at home. Let us tell you that farmers are going to get many benefits from Kisan Card at one time and with a single card.


Uttar Pradesh government is going to launch a Kisan Card for the welfare of farmers, through which farmers will be able to avail the benefits of many schemes simultaneously in a digital way, in which farmers' land khatauni, khasra, land map, crop insurance scheme, Kisan Credit Card, Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana and other welfare schemes will be available directly through a card. Kisan Card Apply Process


All farmers can manage the Kisan Card through the Kisan Card app and can get complete information about it by logging in to the app. It is being said that this card is also going to be made like Aadhar card because just like our Aadhar card has our complete details, in the same way, the complete details of the farmer will be available through this card.


If you also want to apply for Kisan Card, then you do not need to go anywhere because the Uttar Pradesh government will organize camps in every village from July 1 to July 31 and collect the necessary data of the farmers and digitize it and provide it to the farmers free of cost in the form of digital Kisan Card.


If for some reason your data is not taken in the camp organized in the village, then from August 1, you can download the Kisan Card app in your mobile and fill the data yourself and get Kisan Card for free. Kisan Card Apply Process


Let us tell you that in the camp to be held in the village, two persons will collect your data, whose training has already been given to them, this process is completely free, if any employee asks for money in exchange for Kisan Card, then you can go to the Chief Minister Helpline and complain about it.


  • Benefits of Kisan Card


Do you know how many benefits farmers are going to get from Kisan Card, and if you do not know, then read this post carefully and you will be able to know in detail about the benefits of Kisan Card. All the details given below will be available on the Kisan Card through digital medium.


  • Map of all the Gatas of the farmer's land


Under the Kisan Card, the map of the fields of all the Gata numbers of the farmer will be given through digital medium, in which the farmer will be able to see the map of all his fields himself, due to which there will be less land related cases with the owners of the surrounding fields.


  • Complete information about inheritance


With the Kisan Card, we can find out the latest inheritance, through which we can know who will be the owner of that land after the death of the owner of the land.


  • Updated details of the deed


Friends, with the Kisan Card, we can see the updated deed of our land, which can tell who is the real owner of this land because the deed is the legal ownership document of the land.


  • Total land area


Your total land area will be recorded digitally in the Kisan Card, which can easily tell how much land each farmer has.


  • Kisan Credit Card


With the help of Kisan Card, you can easily get a Kisan Credit Card (Green Card) because it will already have your complete details and can automatically fetch the data of the existing Kisan Credit Card.


  • Crop Insurance Scheme


With the help of Kisan Card, you can easily avail the benefits of insurance of all types of crops, for which you will not need to go anywhere.


  • Priority in schemes


In the coming time, all farmers will be able to avail the benefits of all the schemes related to farmer welfare only with the help of Kisan Card. One of the main reasons for this will be that the complete details of any farmer will be present in a single card and that too through digital medium.


  • Immediate relief work during disaster


With the help of this card, you can easily apply for compensation for crop loss during a natural disaster and can receive the compensation amount as soon as possible.


  • Access through app


We can easily access the Kisan Card in our mobile with the help of an app in which you can manage your personal details. Apart from this, on this app, you will be able to know the prices of crops in all the mandis of the country and can contact the expert for direct solution of diseases in crops.


In this way, we can see that in the coming time, our farmer brothers will also do farming in a 100% digital way and will be able to take full advantage of it online. Today, with the arrival of Kisan Card, it seems as if all the facilities have been found under one roof.

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