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Good news, now toilet money will come directly to the beneficiary's account: Under this new system of Uttar Pradesh, the government has now made a new rule for everyone! Due to which everyone will be benefited, under this, the amount of toilet will be sent directly to the beneficiary's account and it will be sent in two installments. So today we will give complete information about it in this article. so that you can know


how to watch toilet money online

So for this first of all you have to go to its official website. So that it will be easy for you to see its complete process, you will have to verify it by applying online. Only after that you will get its money, you will not be able to get this money without getting it done online!


How to see till when money will come for toilet

Under the new system, now the money for toilets will be sent directly to the beneficiary's account! Its installment will come twice, for this online applications are being received from the beneficiaries on the departmental portal. The secretary and others will be responsible for the investigation of these applications, after this, after determining the eligibility, funds will be given for the construction of toilets by Geo-tagging!


On behalf of the Panchayat Raj Department, arrangements have been made to provide online applications for individual toilets from the villagers on the departmental portal. Due to which so many families have not got this facility! And along with this, you should also know about its eligibility! For this you should also know its process!


District wise list

You have 1599 gram panchayats in the district. Only the people of all the villages related to him are told the whole process to apply! About 58 thousand people have applied in this. The people of the block have been deputed to check them and the information will be collected through the Pradhans as well!


And there are still many people who are still ineligible! They haven't gotten access to it yet! They will be given this facility! This year 8432 toilets will be provided under this! And now the funds will be approved, for which the first installment will be sent to about 3000 beneficiaries to get toilets!


How will the toilet money

District Panchayat Raj Officer Manoj Kumar told that the feeding of the characters is being done! Soon the money will reach the accounts of the beneficiaries as per the target. Under this, till now the money for individual toilets in the capital was received by the beneficiary through the head and the secretary! But now the money of the beneficiaries was sent to the village fund of that panchayat! After that money is transferred to the beneficiary's account through the bank by deducting the Principal and Secretary. In that they have to send it in two installments! For which the beneficiary's bank account and mobile number, Aadhaar card etc. documents are taken! so you won't have any problems


Now the full responsibility will be on the beneficiary

Money will now be sent directly to everyone's account in order to put an end to the rigging in the construction of toilets in the villages! Till now money is paid through cheque! Now by sending the money directly to the account, it will be the responsibility of the beneficiary to prepare the toilet on time. The toilet will have to be built according to the standard! That's why the beneficiary will not be able to allege that the secretary and head have taken the money if the toilet is incomplete! And the responsibility of building toilets will be the responsibility of the secretary!


So we have given you all the information under this article! So that you must have come to know all the information and we hope! You would have come to know in the easy way that I have told you, how and by when its money will come!

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