DBT Enable Disable Status Check: Check whether DBT is enabled in the bank account or not.

DBT Enable Disable:- See, everyone has their own bank account and you can have an account in different banks, but in which of your bank accounts DBT is active or DBT is not active, you will know only after checking your status, know about it. And see how to check status, direct link is also given,


Many people have more than one bank account but in which bank account is DBT active, or maybe DBT is not active in your bank account, so check the status and if DBT is not active then start it or update it. See complete Information: Direct link is also given in this article to check the status,


Bank Account DBT Enable Disable


Today we are going to tell you how to check whether DBT option is active in your bank account or not. There are many benefits of activating DBT in your bank account. You will get the benefit of government schemes and transactions can be done with Aadhaar, that is, now you You will be able to avail the benefits of government schemes sitting at home without any problem through DBT process only when DBT is activated in your bank account.


DBT is a payment process and it is necessary and mandatory for all the people of the country. No one can stop the money in it. The beneficiary gets the full benefit of DBT in the current bank account, hence it is necessary to enable DBT option in your bank account, otherwise you You will not get the benefits of government schemes which are given through DBT.



DBT Payment Process

If DBT is active in the bank account, then the entire benefit of the government scheme given by the government will be deposited directly. Now the money of all the government schemes is given by the government through DBT process. Due to this, the beneficiary gets the full benefit. There is no middleman. The officer cannot stop the money so this is the simplest and easiest process,


By activating DBT in the bank account, you can withdraw money from Aadhaar and the government can send money to the beneficiary in the DBT current bank account only through Aadhaar, hence it is necessary for everyone to have DBT activated in the account and Aadhaar is NPCI linked. And whether all these links are there or not, you can check the status sitting at home, see the complete process below,


DBT Enable Disable Status Check

  • Visit the portal of the government's National Payments Corporation of India,
  • You can visit the portal through the link of npci.org.in,

  • Open the Customer Service option from the various options given on the home page of the portal,
  • Now open DBT Bharat Deposit Status option by clicking on Customer Service option,
  • Now the status option will open here, enter the Aadhaar number and search by entering the captcha code.

  • Enter the OTP received on the mobile number linked in Aadhaar and submit,

  • Now the status of whether the DVD is active in the bank account or not and Aadhaar is NPCI linked or not and in which bank account it will open.


Through this process, you can check the disabled status of DBT enable sitting at home. If DBT is not active in your bank account then you can check the status and activate it or change it to another bank account.


To link DBT online sitting at home i.e. to activate it and to link bank account with Aadhaar NPCI, you can complete it sitting at home through OTP, direct link for this is given below, see both online and offline process, 👇

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