Do you also use Mantra RD Device, and its recharge is over. And if you do not know how to recharge, then there is nothing to worry because in today's article we will tell you Mantra RD Service Recharge Kaise Kare, the easiest way. All you have to do is read the article completely from beginning to end, and follow the steps carefully one by one which we will tell you.

How much will be the Mantra RD Service Recharge?

You get to see two recharge plans from Mantra, after your current plan expires, you can recharge any of the two plans.

For one year RD subscription you have to pay ₹ 99 + 18% GST. And the second plan is ₹ 190 + 18% GST, in which you also get Warranty with 1 year Subscription. According to you, you can recharge any of the two plans.

Now let's go ahead and know Mantra RD Service Recharge Kaise Kare.

Mantra RD Service Recharge Kaise Kare

The process of recharging Mantra RD Device is very simple and easy, but you have to follow our steps exactly one by one. Because if you make a single mistake then you will get Mantra RD Service Recharge Fail.

So let's move towards our process:-

 1: - First of all you have to search on Google by writing "Mantra Service", and above all that

2:- After the main website opens, you have to go down a bit, you will see the option of “Make Payment”, simply click on the “Read More” button below.

3: - Now you have to click on the RD Service option above, and fill your Payment Detail, as shown in the photo, and finally click on Pay Now. (You can skip the GST No., and the Serial Number has to be filled correctly.)

If you have not understood Mantra RD Service Recharge Kaise Kare like this, then no problem, below we have added a good video for you, once you watch it, everything will be clear to you.

4: - Now you will automatically be redirected to the Payment Page, you have to make the payment by choosing the Payment Option as per your convenience.

5:- Boom your Mantra RD Service Recharge has been done successfully, after payment you will get the option to download your Receipt.

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