Free Solar Chulha Yojana 2024: फ्री सोलर चूल्हा योजना के लिए आवेदन करें - CSC JANKARI

Free Solar Chulha Scheme: - Now a new solar scheme has been started by the government, in this solar scheme, solar stove running on sunlight is being given for free, under the Free Solar Chulha Scheme, solar stove is being given to the women of poor and weaker section families by the government, it will run only with sunlight and there will be no consumption of electricity and cylinder i.e. LPG,

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Solar Chulha Yojana

The prices of gas cylinders are skyrocketing and the prices of gas cylinders keep increasing continuously and due to this problem many people are troubled and they are not able to get the gas cylinder filled on time, so the government is now giving solar stove machine running on sunlight at no cost, through this free solar stove, you will be able to cook food only with sunlight without any cost, now read the information of eligible beneficiaries in this scheme and application information and complete details related to the scheme in detail in this article


Indian Oil Indoor Solar Cooking System


Free Solar Stove Scheme has been run by Indian Oil Company, and that is, it is an official oil company of India which is giving solar stove in the country and this solar stove is free of cost i.e. government's It is being given at 100% subsidy, this free solar stove scheme has been started by Indian Oil Corporation company. This company is already providing LPG gas cylinders and now it has released its new solar stove system.


You can get the solar stove system provided by Indian Oil Company of India installed at your home as per your requirement of 1 kilo watt or 2 kilo watt or any other requirement and this solar stove will run for 24 hours i.e. it will run on sunlight and at night or during emergency it will run through battery, this solar stove system will always run whether there is sunlight or not.


Free Solar Chulha Yojana Eligibility


The Free Solar Chulha Yojana has been started and applications are being made continuously in this scheme. To get the benefit of Solar Chulha Yojana, first of all booking has to be done. Now anyone can do the booking, but its free benefit will be available only to the selected families of the poor and weaker sections, so before online booking, keep this information in mind, apply in the name of the woman only, you will get the benefit soon and in this Solar Chulha Yojana of the government, such families will get the benefit who live below the poverty line,


The Free Solar Chulha Yojana of the government has been started by Indian Oil Corporation, which is a recognized company of India, this company is already giving LPG gas cylinders and now it is giving solar system stove running on sunlight, in this, such families are eligible who will be able to install solar stove system, who already have Ujjwala Yojana gas connection, then the government will select them in the families of poor and weaker sections and will give the benefit of the scheme.


Free Solar Chulha Yojana Registration


The Free Solar Chulha Yojana of the government has now started for the families of the poor and weaker sections of the country, in this scheme, application is online Whether it will be through medium or not, first of all booking will be done and after booking the original documents will go to the beneficiary in the scheme, now read the booking process in detail


  • First of all go to Indian Oil Corporation website,
  • Open the Solar Chulha System page given on the website of Indian Oil Company,
  • Now read the information by opening the Solar System Chulha page and click on the booking option given below
  • Fill all the booking information in detail on this Solar System Chulha page
  • Submit only after filling the booking form


In this way, you can book for the government's free solar stove sitting at home. After booking, the form will be passed and the original documents will be taken. Now the poor and weaker section families will get this solar system stove for free and the market price of the solar system stove will be taken from the rest of the families.

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