Pay Electricity Bill Through CSC Digital Seva Portal

Although there are many options to pay electricity today, like Paytm, Cred Apps, BHIM App, Google Pay (G Pay), PhonePe, etc. but here we will tell you how to pay electricity bill through CSC. As well as how much commission CSC VLE gets on bill payment, we are going to give you all the information here, so read it completely-

How to pay electricity bill through CSC Digital Seva Portal?

First of all you log in to Digital Seva Portal, after that go to Services, then search Electricity, then go to Bill Payment, after that select the state for which you want to pay the bill and then enter the bill number. By entering the mobile number, then writing the amount to be paid, after that entering the wallet PIN and making the payment.

Or you can easily pay electricity bill by watching this video-


How many get commission electricity bill payment?

There are no fixed rules for this but if we have paid the bill, then how much commission we get, I am telling you - A customer's bill was Rs 2505. When we paid the bill, an amount of Rs 2,495.48 was deducted from our wallet and we got a commission of Rs 10.02. And TDS Rs. 0.50 is cut


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